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- Introduction

Fine Motor 101 - Discussion of:
Fine Motor Activities - Suggested activities to work on:
Bilateral integration
Bilateral integration
Shoulder and postural stability
Shoulder and postural stability
Wrist stability in extension Wrist stability in extension
Palmar Arches Palmar Arches
Thumb stability & open web space Thumb stability & open web space
Separation of function of two sides of hand Separation of function of two sides of hand
In-hand manipulation In-hand manipulation
Hand and finger strength Hand and finger strength

Fine Motor Tools - Descriptions and links to catalogs/sources to find:
Pencil Grippers
       Enlarged-diameter writing tools
       Slantboards & Desk Easels
       Therapy Putty

Handwriting & Dysgraphia -
       Motor skills, related to
       Visual-perception skills, related to
       About grasps
       Assistive technology (typing)
       Tips for teaching handwriting
       Different handwriting programs

    Make a home-made version of  a Handi-writerTM to pull a pencil into webspace while writing
    Make a tennis ball friend for thumb strengthening and bilateral integration work
    Massage hands to improve hand arches
    Decrease sensitivity of the mouth 
    Use putty exercises to improve fine motor skills
    Use sticker targets to work on fine motor shift and stabilization in hands

My Products:
    Pencil Obstacle Courses

Oral Issues - tactile desensitization strategy and links to information or equipment for children who have difficulty in the oral tactile area of sensory modulation

Sensory Assessment - A list and description of several assessment methods regarding sensory processing

Sensory Strategies - A printable page with lists of typically exciting and typically calming activities

Sensory Integration 101 - An introduction to terms, history, and concepts, with a partial glossary.

Sensory Integration in School - Briefly addresses the issue of SI in schools

Sensory Links - Links to information, books, and catalogs/equipment on other sites for children with sensory needs

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