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Directions to Make Your Own Imitation Handi-WriterTM

This device commercially is two linked stretchy bands which pull the pencil back into the webspace of the user, correcting a vertical pencil grasp (which often goes with a hyperextended index finger knuckle and sore/tired fingers!). There is also a small charm to hold in pinky and ring fingers to keep those fingers off the pencil.  You can make your own (minus the charm) by using two stretchy fabric hair elastics. The home-made ones are not quite a comfortable as the manufactured one (see them at www.HandiThings.com), but are a good way to test them out on a kiddo and will do in a pinch.  I use one that is about 2 inches in diameter and one that is about 1 inch. Each size comes in packs.
 Attach them using a "lark's knot."  larks knot graphic  Then place one hairband over your wrist like a bracelet, and put the other loop over the end of the pencil. You may need to put a chisel eraser on the end of the pencil to keep the hairband from slipping off. If the hairband loop is so loose that it isn't effectively pulling the pencil back towards your wrist, wrap that loop an extra time around the pencil.  Voila!