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I am a pediatric occupational therapist. I work as a subcontractor through Allied Instructional Services, a company that offers services in several special needs areas to school districts around Virginia. I have also worked at  Integrated Therapy Services, a now-closed private OT clinic in Richmond, Virginia. I worked for Henrico County Schools and before that at a private OT clinic in California, Fourt Therapy Center, and at before that at public schools in Massachusetts.

This is a site I created to gather some of the resources I most often recommend to parents, teachers, and beginning OTs. I put this website together in 2003, and it's still largely the same with some edits. It's pretty "old fashioned" school-based OT, meaning lots about motor skills and some on sensory processing via the school OT role.  At first look, this seems to lend itself to the pull-out model of Occupational Therapy in schools. However, I am a big advocate of the push-in model. I still think this information is as, if not more, relevant to that model. When you are working in a classroom, you need to be able to apply your task analysis, skill analysis, and human occupation model knowledge to adapt, accommodate, or skill-build for the sensori-motor tasks of that classroom. 

I love assistive technology, visual supports, ADLs, and all the other things we end up working in on, and maybe some day I'll have time to add pages of information on those. :)  Meanwhile, I started a facebook group called School-Based OTs and PTs. If you're on facebook, you may want to join!

I hope you find useful information and links here. If you have a suggestion to add to this page, or have questions or corrections, please click below to email me!

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